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Rediscovering Animation's Golden Era: Our Journey at Media Squatch

As the President of Media Squatch, I have always believed that to truly innovate, we must first understand and appreciate the roots of our craft. This philosophy has guided our latest venture—an in-house animation commercial that not only features our mascot, Bennie, but also pays homage to the pioneering spirit of the Fleischer Studios and Walt Disney. These giants of the "rubber hose" animation era have profoundly shaped my love for animation and, by extension, the creative direction of Media Squatch.

The "rubber hose" style of animation, known for its fluid and expressive limbs, dominated the scene in the 1920s and 1930s. This era was a magical time when animation was in its nascent stages, and artists were unrestricted by the conventions that would come later. They experimented boldly with motion and storytelling, creating characters that were whimsical and whose movements were exaggerated yet immensely expressive. At Media Squatch, we've embraced this style in our latest commercial because we see it as a perfect metaphor for creativity—unhindered, joyful, and boundlessly imaginative.

In this commercial, our mascot Bennie brings to life the joy and dynamism characteristic of early animations. His adventures are not just a showcase of technical skill but a revival of the charm and simplicity that made early animations so captivating. This project is particularly close to my heart as it connects our modern capabilities with the artistic freedom that characterized the early days of animation. It’s a blend of past and present, proving that old charms never truly fade—they just evolve.

Here at Media Squatch, we strive to create animations that resonate deeply with viewers, animations that are not just seen but felt. By integrating techniques from the golden age of animation, we aim to bring a human touch to our digital creations. This approach is about more than nostalgia; it’s about leveraging the emotional connectivity inherent in "rubber hose" animations to engage our local clients in ways they've never experienced before.

Our commitment extends beyond the screen. It's about fostering a community that appreciates creativity and innovation. Many areas, especially those traditionally less exposed to avant-garde advertising, might seem hesitant about adopting such distinct styles. However, through our work, we're demonstrating that innovation can not only be accepted but also celebrated in these regions.

Bennie is not just Media Squatch's mascot; he is a symbol of our creative ethos and our dedication to pushing boundaries. Through him, we invite our clients to step out of the box and explore new realms of creativity. Each frame of our commercial is crafted with care, ensuring that while we are forward-thinking, we are also touching hearts by honoring the legacy of animation pioneers.

At Media Squatch, we are storytellers, historians, and innovators. We believe that by revisiting and revitalizing the techniques of the past, we can set new benchmarks for creativity in local advertising. Our latest commercial is a testament to this belief—a celebration of where we've come from and where we're going.


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