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Media Squatch

In the world of marketing and creative content, the story behind an agency often defines its mission and the passion that fuels its work. For Media Squatch (formerly Watts Creative Studios) , our journey began over a decade ago with a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to supporting our local community.

Today, as we look back at our journey and accomplishments, we stand as a beacon of excellence in local marketing, having produced over 3,000 commercials, launched multiple podcasts, established a podcasting studio, a streaming media station, and evolved into a full-service advertising agency.

The Team


President & Creative Director


Marketing Assistant




Digital Marketing Specialist

What we do...

Brand Strategy

Defining Your Identity & Reasons to Engage

Media Strategy/Growth
  • In-depth Market Analysis

  • Product Insights

  • Crafting Social Media Strategies

  • Social Media Outreach

  • Targeted Email Campaigns

  • Optimizing for Search Engines

Brand Execution
  • Strategic Campaigns

  • Dynamic Video & Motion Graphics

  • Captivating Photography

  • Innovative Animation & Illustrations

  • Creative Packaging

  • Engaging Website Design

Media Planning
  • Effective Paid Media Strategies

  • Insightful Data Analysis

The Squatch Way.....

Media Squatch is a creative media agency with a distinct marketing philosophy that taps into the power of today's media landscape. We believe in leaving a big footprint in the digital world while keeping our approach as local and grounded as the legendary Bigfoot himself. Our strategy is to blend modern media channels with a deep understanding of local markets, ensuring our clients stand tall and get noticed in the ever-evolving digital forest. At Media Squatch, we're not just about making an impression; we're about making a giant one.



The Studio

Media Squatch finds its home at Watts Creative Studios, nestled in the heart of Bedford, Virginia. Here, in collaboration with our local streaming platform, Grove Street FM, we offer a vibrant creative hub that empowers both artists and businesses to craft and disseminate their unique messages effectively.

With a dedicated space for planning and execution, we provide a dynamic environment for local creators to bring their ideas to life, fostering connections and amplifying voices throughout our community. Whether you're an aspiring creator or an entrepreneur looking to make a mark, Media Squatch and Grove Street FM are here to help you unleash your creativity and connect with your audience.

Grove Street FM, under the umbrella of Watts Creative Studios, seamlessly complements Media Squatch, our creative marketing agency, by serving as a local streaming platform that empowers organizations and businesses to amplify their message through engaging podcasts and targeted advertising. It's the ideal avenue for content to find its voice and resonate with our community, ensuring that local initiatives and stories are heard loud and clear. Together, Grove Street FM and Media Squatch provide a dynamic synergy, facilitating effective communication for our clients and fostering a stronger local presence.

Grove Street FM is....

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