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Step into the realm of Media Squatch's live-action shorts, featuring 1980s Hollywood stunt coordinator Kevin Dinkle at the helm. Experience a unique blend of creativity and entertainment in our productions. From imaginative storytelling to unforgettable characters, our shorts redefine the essence of content creation. 

Marshall Arts with Kevin Dinkle


If you're a brand or business itching to get in on the action and sponsor one of our wildly creative projects, look no further! At Media Squatch, we're all ears (and big feet) when it comes to thinking outside the box. Whether you're dreaming up a quirky campaign or envisioning an offbeat collaboration, we're ready to turn your wildest ideas into reality. So, let's team up and leave a big impression – Sasquatch-sized, of course! Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of creative sponsorship.

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